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Measurement & Mitigation Data Report Format

Individuals licensed to perform radon measurements and mitigations shall submit results to the Agency in an ASCII comma delimited file. See below for reporting instructions.

  • Measurement Data Reporting Format
  • Mitigation Data Reporting Format
  • Laboratory Data Reporting Format

License Renewal Applications - IEMA will mail your renewal application approximately two months prior to your renewal. If you do not receive a renewal application, contact the agency at (217) 782-1325.

Continuing Education for License Renewal

All Continuing Education credits must be completed prior to submitting your license renewal application. Documentation of your successful completion of approved continuing education activities is part of your renewal application. IEMA offers 12 options for completing continuing education credits:

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Radon Contacts

For radon information by telephone call (800) 325-1245 (Information Line) or to speak to an IEMA Radon Program staff member call (217) 782-1325.

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