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New Registration / Change of Name / Address / Equipment

The following form is needed for x-ray facilities that are new registrants. New registrants will need to file the paper copy in order to receive a facility registration number. For existing registrants, if you have your facility identification number you can make updates on-line by clicking User Login.

If your x-ray facility has changed name, address, or are a new registrant, you are required to notify the Agency. Such updates may be effected by:

completing a registration form  

fax to 217-782-1328
mail to IEMA

1035 Outer Park Dr
Springfield, IL 62704

or by contacting the Agency by
email at
phone at 217-524-3504

Change of Equipment

Your are also required to notify the Agency if your x-ray facility has changed equipment. The above process may also be used to notify us of any additions or subtractions to your x-ray equipment inventory. 

To view your x-ray registration information or equipment inventory online, please use the Radiological Facilities Profile Lookup. You will need to use your x-ray facility registration number. If you do not have the number available, please contact the Agency as noted above.

Updating Registration Changes Online

View current information on file regarding facility information and equipment by utilizing the Radiological Facilities Profile Lookup. You will need to have available your facility registration number. 

If you wish to update this information online, do so by first registering and obtaining a password. Then login​ to make registration / equipment changes and/or pay registration fees with a credit card. 

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