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Radiation Protection Statutes

Listed below are radiation protection statutes that relate to the responsibilities of IEMA, along with a synopsis of the statute.​

This statute authorizes the nuclear safety programs of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.​

This statute provides radon disclosure requirements for real estate transactions.

[420 ILCS 44/]

This statute authorizes IEMA to establish minimum qualifications for a license to perform radon measurements and mitigations and investigate unlicensed activity.  It also authorizes the Agency to establish programs for measuring and measures to mitigate radon in dwellings and other buildings.

[420 ILCS 52/]

This statute requires that all new residential construction in the State shall include passive radon resistant construction. 

[420 ILCS 40/]

This statute authorizes IEMA to license the possession, use, manufacture and distribution of radioactive materials, accredit persons who apply ionizing radiation to humans, and inspect radiation installations and radiation sources. 

[420 ILCS 42/]

This statute establishes a requirements for the timely decommissioning of uranium and thorium mill tailings facilities in Illinois and for the decontamination of properties that are contaminated with uranium or thorium mill tailings.

[420 ILCS 56/]

This statute authorizes IEMA to regulate the use of laser systems to ensure the safe use and operation of those systems.