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Prevention Programs & Partnerships

The idea behind prevention is that an informed public can recognize concerning behaviors before an attack, reach out to a trained team of professionals in a school, clinic, or law enforcement agency that can intervene, and connect the individual and their family with the help they need to pull them away from violence. 

Each community is unique – with different resources, demographics, infrastructures, political climates, local needs, and relationship challenges. Locally-led efforts work best when they are:

  • Developed by the community
  • Contain multiple levels of prevention
  • Use strategies of prevention that work within the community

Violence Prevention Coalition

This collaborative approach aimed at prevention through early detection, collaboration, and the allocation of support services requires local networks,  or Violence Prevention Coalition Teams, that collectively connect all segments of society to prevent targeted violence and terrorism.

Threat assessment as a tool can make the work actionable:

A violence prevention coalition is a community-based advisory group comprised of multi-disciplinary team members dedicated to preventing targeted violence and terrorism within their communities. Through information sharing, resource allocation, and the knowledge gained through training from subject matter experts in the field of behavioral threat assessment, the team endeavors to identify, assess, and manage situations where the risk of violence is determined to be present after a team fact-find review. The Violence Prevention Coalition Team offers consultation support as an advisory group, including recommendations about available resources to support people and safety plan recommendations. This process is non-clinical and does not involve profiling or psychological evaluations. Consultation services are provided to agencies, groups, and organizations responsible for managing the concern.

The Violence Prevention Coalition Team aims to determine ways to support individuals struggling due to unmanaged life stressors by aligning them with protective factors (community resources that can be leveraged to serve as buffers against violence).  

When done with fidelity, community-based violence prevention coalitions help and support individuals instead of labeling, stigmatizing, or punishing those who have entered the pathway to violence.

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